Podcasts I Listen To

In keeping with a post two weeks ago about The Games I Play, this weeks blog post is a listing of the many PodCasts I generally listen to.  This is not a full listing, but more a list of the ones that I think are probably the most worth sharing.  If you see some on the list that you currently don't subscribe to I suggest giving them a listen.

If you read my blog, then the chances are you may also listen to the show, or watch the YouTube videos.  Frankly, I hope you do all the above, but even if you don’t your probably at least aware that I host a Podcast.  When I got into Podcasting in 2008, the scene was just beginning to really wind up and there were only a handful of miniature war gaming podcasts in existence, in fact I think I was maybe the second or third Warhammer Fantasy Podcast at the time.
Luckily for those of us with desk jobs, or who spend a lot of time on commutes the community exploded between then and now and there are now so many shows that you probably couldn’t keep up with them all if you tried.  Given I don’t have any particularly interesting thing to communicate for this week’s blog I’m going to run down a list of gaming Podcasts related to the games I play that you may find interesting and worth looking up.

These are the shows that have continued to make the cut over the years.  Many them tend to have inconsistent release schedules, while other continue hammering out episodes constantly.  Some stick to an hour or less, while others tend to creep up into the two and three (or more) hour mark.  So, if you’re looking to kill some time and you happen to like nay of the games then I recommend giving these a look.  Who knows, if you weren’t already listening you might find something you really love here.