Dispossessed in Age of Sigmar - Part 2

Piggybacking from my previous post (located here) I’ll be talking about the future plans with my Dispossessed army.

I’m not beyond a little net-listing at this point as I drag myself back up off the ground with this army and as such I’ll be taking a list which has proved itself able to compete against some lists.  Keep in mind that this list is over a year old, but was used to skillful effect down in the Australian tournament scene.

Warden King
Runesmith x2
Cellestant Prime (Ally)
10 Warriors with GW/Shield, FC x2
20 Longbeards with GW/Shield, FC
30 Ironbreakers with FC
20 Irondrakes with FC
10 Irondrakes with FC
1 Command Point

The list centers around using the army’s buffs in unison, doing essentially the same thing I used to do with my old list.  Buffing and then blasting away with a heavy shooting unit.  True the Irondrakes aren’t as good in hand to hand as the Quarrelers were, but they are getting their double shot off with fewer numbers in better armor and with better statistics to hit/wound/rend.  Plus, there are 2 of these units, and while yes, the smaller unit can lose its double shot with 1 wound, I feel like the chances are that the opponent will probably lose focus on those until they get their one double volley off and force the opponent to remember it.  The Prime adds in not only a nice bit of a combat buff in that if you hold him in the heavens for a turn or two he can come down and start just murdering things, but even once he’s on the ground he has that damned comet he throws around.  So, he provides both mobility, threat and damage output which is nice.  The pickaxe speaks for itself letting you bomb your big unit of Drakes across the board, or if you’re playing against an aggressively attacking army, perhaps disappearing a small unit to claim a later game objective.  I’ve yet to play with this list, but it’s my starting point and I’ll get some games in and work from there.

As of this post itself, the army is officially on round bases and I’ll start trying to get games in relatively soon.  Hopefully I’ve already gotten one in by the time this post rolls live.  I’ve also gotten a good way into getting all my movement trays completed which considering I’m using Bottlecaps is nice.  You should really check these out if you haven’t seen them on my Twitter.  What a great idea, and WAY cheaper than buying MDF trays from a manufacturer basically anywhere.  Besides, if you drink bottled beer all you have to do is not throw your caps away.

The next full Episode this month I’ll be going over our Ironweld Arsenal allies, maybe even the old Compendium stuff too, so keep an eye out for that post in the near future.  Thanks for reading.