Holy Wars V – List Planning

So just recently Chuck and I got into the Holy Wars V tournament that will be held in February 2019 in Yorktown, Illinois.  Holy Wars we’ve attended in the past back in early Age of Sigmar days and it is a very different tournament.  First off, it is a small-scale tournament with a max allotment of only 30 players.  Second, the organizer builds some of the craziest looking tables you’ll see for sure.  Giant floating islands connected by bridges, massive rivers of lava and floating monuments, mountain passes, 12” wide trees, mountains that take up huge chunks of the board.  The boards tend to play as much of a part in the games at this tournament as the game itself, often to the point where the table may beat you up as badly as your opponent does.  Basically, this is a narrative event.

That said, the people who attend will absolutely be bringing throat cutting lists.  It’s the way they play, that’s fair, and yes in case you are thinking after having listened to me that I don’t enjoy that style of play, you are correct.  However, most of the guys who go to this tournament are old Warhammer friends and I do really enjoy seeing them and so Chuck and I have decided to rock on, plus I’ve committed myself to building a crazy nonsense list that isn’t there to win, but is there to have fun so I basically plan on being drunk all weekend.  Every table will have Ruse and Twist cards on them to really mess around with it.  Should be a good time, now let’s get to the list.

The construction rules for the tournament are this.  A 2000 point valid list and a 1000 point sideboard.  You get points for using chunks of your sideboard throughout the tournament, so you are encouraged to actually change your list up throughout the two days and as I discussed a number of times during and after Seigeworld back in August I’m going Giant heavy with a Frostlord because that easily takes my army up to near 2000.  My current base list plan is:

Frostlord on Thundertusk
3 Units of 3 Ogors
1 Unit of 6 Ironguts
3 Giants

1920 Points Total with 1 Spare Command Point

Even ignoring the Giants this list is already on the backfoot using the base objective claiming rules which is most models in 6”.  Horde armies will just swamp an objective and I won’t even be able to get near it.  On the other hand, this is an easy army to play.  Operation grill in full effect.
Now for those of you who know me and are wondering where my favorite model ever is, don’t you worry because my 1000 point sidebar is:

Bonegrinder Giant
Bonegrinder Giant

960 Points

With the Mantic model I have a second giant that is Bonegrinder size but a different sculpt so I’m super excited about it. Plus, with those being in the sideboard it guarantee’s me that I’ll use my sideboard at some point throughout the tournament.  If not every single game.  The points work out pretty easily too.  Knock off two Giants and my bonus command point and I get the Bonegrinder.  Lose the last Giant, Tyrant and 3 Ironguts and I’ve got both Bonegrinders in.  That’ll be a fun game.  Maybe take all the Ironguts out for a regular Giant and have a game with Thundertusk, 2 Bonegrinder and a regular Giant.  Mmm…  Monster goodness.  Alternatively, of course I could add that second Tyrant over a regular Giant because the consistency of damage output plus a better save.

I can't wait for February and actually I'm pretty curious to whether or not my list will change by then.  I've talked to a couple of people whov'e pointed out some pretty tasty ideas for Ogres.