Fighting Fantasy - Deathtrap Dungeon Pt. 3

Okay, screw this.  I’m going back in time and saying that I use that ring of wishing I found earlier to reverse time.  I’m not sure where exactly I took the wrong turn but I’ll assume it was after killing Throm.  After all, there can be only one winner, right?  And that felt like it was a key plot point.  So, I’m going back to kick off after that fight and away we go!

I exit the arena into a hall where I eat two of my rations to get myself back up to 17 health.  I can either turn left/west toward the buzzing noise that I avoided last time, or north into the room with the cobwebs, coffin and pearl.  I’m going to the left this time and heading toward the buzzing instead of away from it.  I go down the corridor and eventually encounter a glass wall to my left.  It leads into a room filled with giant flying insects, bee's, wasps, etc...  Also in the room, is a chair with a crown on it and a large diamond set into it.  It's as if the adventure knew I'd go north earlier and come back to this point.  Funny.
I smash the window and get the crown while getting stung.  A lot.  I exit the room and luckily the insects decide not to follow.  As if the game were tormenting me the crown is simply a lead circlet painted gold and the diamond is glass.  Balls.  I continue west.  I hear footsteps approaching and I wait to see who it is.  A crippled servant carrying a tray of food.  He tells me he failed the trial and is now a servant of the dungeon.  He offers to sell me information for a gold piece which I take.  He tells me of a chair shaped like a demon that has a secret compartment inside of which there is a potion of doppelganger.  I thank him and we move off.  I eventually come to another West/North junction.  I turn north.  Almost immediately I encounter the demon chair and sure enough there is a potion hidden in the secret compartment the old man told me about.  The label indicates that when drunk you'll take on the appearance of someone in your vicinity.  I had rather hoped for it to literally duplicate me but I guess this will probably come in useful.

I continue north and the hallway slopes gently downward until it begins to fill with water.  eventually the hall dead ends and the water is quite deep.  I've no choice but to turn back the way I came and go to the west of the last junction.  I continue that direction and it veers northward.  Soon after I come across a door on the left-hand that is cracked open with a sobbing coming within.  I enter and there is a large cage with a curtain or blanket draped over it, the sobbing person begs for help.  This seems like a big bad trap and though I want to help I also want to finish so I leave.  I pass another west junction and continue north.  Soon I find a room with a chasm and a tightrope.  On the other side is a really shiny helmet that if it had a diamond I would go get, but it doesn't so I pass on northward again.  I reach the end of the tunnel and find a wooden chute just like last time.  So, I assume this will again end in failure.  I backtrack to the last west junction and follow it.  I encounter some leprechauns who jeer and harass me but I ignore them, even when one jumps on my back.  They holler at me but I just go on, only to discover that they've stolen my gems from me.  Dammit, I need those, so I backtrack some more pages and this time fight them.  They use freezing dust on me and steal my gems anyway.  Dammit...  Further up the passage is another wooden chute.  Crap.

I backtrack way back and go towards the fake diamond from earlier because there was another west corridor up that way.  I find it and go that way only to be stopped by an electric invisible barrier.  It doesn't hurt me but I can't pass it.  I am stuck.  I have three different ways to the end of the dungeon but lack the diamond.  The book has defeated me.  Again.  Dammit.
Lets wrap this up.  When I made it to the passageway that was filled with water the book asked if I'd spoken to the spirit girl.  I assume that would give me a way past this area which may either lead to the diamond I so desperately need or I missed it somewhere earlier in the dungeon.  I'm not going to backtrack that far so I guess this is where I am.  Forever trapped to be a part of the dungeon like all those others who have failed.  Stupid book.