Flatcon Gaming

So, as you heard in our last main line show with Chuck; Flatcon is very shortly to be here.  As such I’ve been in prep mode for the last couple weeks.  Mostly in that I have to put my Space Marines together for the 40K tournament, but also in list design for my Dwarf army for AoS.  I’ll be attending for the weekend days (Saturday/Sunday) because I’m not willing to really take off on Friday night, particularly when I don’t play, nor do I have any interest in Kill Team.

So, let’s talk 40k.  My last Blog Post was whether I should even bother playing or not.  It appears from everything I’ve been told recently that generic Space Marines are on the low end of the power spectrum suffering from first Codex syndrome which means they are the old book being both underpowered and overcosted as GW found their way through 8th edition.  Not that I’ve got the practice or skill to win even if they were still competitive.  Especially considering that I don’t have some of the more powerful or useful options available to the army.  Ignoring all of that though it was a reason to try and get my Space Marines back to the painting table and so I built a list.

Captain with Primarchs Wrath
Librarian with Force Sword and Bolt Pistol
5 Scouts with Boltguns
10 Tactical Marines with Vet. Sgt. with Power Sword & Bolt Pistol, Plasma Gun, Lascannon
10 Tactical Marines with Vet. Sgt. with Power Sword & Bolt Pistol, Plasma Gun, Lascannon
Dreadnought with Heavy Flamer & Close Combat Weapon and Twin-Linked Heavy Flamer
Dreadnought with Twin-Linked Autocannon and Twin-Linked Autocannon
8 Devastators with Vet. Sgt. with Power Sword & Bolt Pistol, Heavy Bolter, Missile Launcher, 2 Lascannons
Predator with Predator Autocannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Pintle Storm Bolter, Hunter Killer Missile

Total:1225 Points
Command Points: 8

I originally had two Razorbacks with Twin Heavy Bolters and Pintle Bolters in place of the Flamer Dreadnought but dropped them in favor of less painting because of the deadline.  While ideally speaking this is a well-rounded list with a number of high power weapons, average mobility and particularly with the Stratagems the Heavy Bolter and Missile Launcher have the ability to throw Mortal Wounds.  Along with the Strategem that makes the Captain a Chapter Master I have the ability to re-roll those critical hits.  The Scouts give me a small ability to dump out some guys a distance or to counteract enemy deepstrike.  The fact remains that I don’t feel like this has any chance compared to what I’ve seen locally in tournaments but gaming is gaming and gaming is important win or lose.
The real victory, whether I do well in the tournament or not is the fact that I’ll be getting this chunk of the army painted.  Probably about ½ of the models I own which means it shouldn’t take much more effort to finish it off.  Shouldn’t…

Moving on to Age of Sigmar though I wish I would’ve built a Stonehorn and painted him so I could field the big Ogre/Monster list I’d been planning but I’ll be rolling out the good old Dwarfs again.  I’m very likely to be taking the same list I took to Siege World because I don’t feel like building a new list of some kind though I’ve been debating on changing some small bits up though I’m not certain what.  I’d love to have a unit of Slayers included but they would not be able to replace the ally’s points that are so usefully being spent on the Celestial Hurricanum. The only thing I’ve looked at changing is maybe dropping the Longbeards for some Irondrakes, but that would require me to buy more models so while it’s a possible thought, it isn’t super likely.  Currently I’m looking at the following list.

Warden King x1 (Grudgebearer)
Runelord x2 (1 with Ancestral Pickaxe)
Cellestial Hurricanum
10 Warriors Hand Weapon/Shield x2
10 Longbeards with Great Weapons/Shields
20 Hammerers
20 Ironbreakers
30 Quarrelers

Total: 1920 Points
Command Points 1

So, the other consideration was to drop a unit of 10 Warriors and increase the Longbeards up to 20 models.  The total cost would go up 20 points, still leaving me with an extra Command Point but also give me another larger unit for holding objectives as well as a unit with Great Weapons for Rend in combat.  I feel like that may be a solid choice, but it ceases to be a throw away unit to block someone up at that point but will be a significant investment that I’ll absolutely have to babysit.  I guess that will likely be a last-minute decision truly.

Those are my lists.  Hopefully they don’t suck.  I guess proof is in the pudding, we’ll find out soon enough.