Episode 14 - WWX: Our Magnificent 7

Episode 14 - Our Magnificent 7
Total Length: 0 Hour 54 Minutes 06 Seconds

Hello everybody,

Thanks for joining us for another exciting episode of The Hobby Heroes Podcast!  This episode we believe falls just a tad shorter than usual because there is just no news to talk abouit right now.  Outlaw at the time of recording still hasn't announced their "BIG NEWS" which rumors are now ciruclating that they will be selling the property off to another party.  Ryan and I do talk our usual bit about what we've been doing although that isn't particularly long either.

Finally we get to talk about The Magnificent 7 movie.  *SPOILER ALERT*  We really enjoyed it.  So much so that it inspired our game this episode.  We took 7 Sidekicks from WWX and put them into a town to defend against 42 Hired Hands, 2 Outlaw Ironhorses and 1 Lawmen Interceptor.  What a blood bath!  To hear it all check the show out.

Thanks again for listening!

Pictures from the game:

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