Episode 8 - Kings of War TT & WWX Scrap

Episode 8 - Kings of War TT & WWX Scrap
Total Length: 1 Hour 39 Minutes 26 Seconds

We're back from Adepticon!  Welcome back to the show for Episode #8!  In this particular show Ryan and I cover our experience at Adepticon 2016.  We go over some of the Mantic latest news/releases.

We then roll into our discussion of Adepticon.  We go through our games from both the Kings of War Team Tournament and the $550 Wild West Exodus Scrap.  It was a very exciting set of tournaments for us and prizes we're brought home at the thrilling conclusion.

Chuck and I took Best Team Theme in the Team Tournament, while Ryan brought home 2nd Overall in Wild West Exodus.

Links to the GT's discussed at the beginning of the show.

Unplugged Gamer GT: http://www.unpluggedgamers.com/the-2016-unplugged-gt/
The Broadside Bash GT: http://broadside-bash.blogspot.com/
Blood in the Sun GT: http://www.bloodinthesun.com/
Lady of the Lake GT: http://www.lakeswattfantasy.com/lady_of_the_lake_gt/

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