The Great Crossover

It occurs to me that I've not been very good about posting to the blog, and as I'm trying to drive traffic to the new podcasts I really ought to be doing just that.  As such, to make up for my slack I'm going to begin posting a series looking at my armies and the crossover lists of models that I'm using int hem.  I'm also doing this in Podcast form, so if your interested in the audio portion of that, then you should listen to the shows, but if your looking for a strictly written description of my army and model crossover lists then this is for you!

We'll be covering the Kingdoms of Men army today as I just recently covered that in a podcast and you should totally go check that out here "" and listen.  That said though, I'm going to cover it here as well.  This will be a giant list of units and then models.  All crossover models I'll be listing are obtained from Games Workshop as this is the company, whose products I've used myself.  Without further dragging this out, lets begin.

The Kingdoms of Men - Crossover for Games Workshop Models

Shield Wall - Empire State Troops
Foot Guard - Empire Greatswords
Pike Block - Empire State Troops
Heavy Pike Block - Empire State Troops
Spear Phalanx - Empire State Troops
Pole-Arm Block - Empire State Troops
Militia Mob - Empire Free Company
Berserkers - Empire Flagellant Warband
Bowmen - Empire Archers / Huntsmen
Crossbowmen - Empire State Crossbowmen
Arquebusiers - Empire State Handgunners
Knights - Empire Knights / Knightly Orders
Mounted Scouts - Empire Pistoliers or Empire Outriders
Mounted Sergeants - N/A*
Charioteers - N/A*
Cannon - Empire Great Cannon
Siege Artillery - Empire Mortar
Ballista - N/A*
Beast of War - N/A*
General - N/A*
General on Winged Beast - General of the Empire on Imperial Griffon
Hero - N/A*
Army Standard Bearer - N/A*
Wizard - Empire Battle Wizards
The Captain - N/A*

You'll notice that there are a number of entries with a "N/A*" next to them in the list.  These units are either not a model that is in the Games Workshop line and thus take a little more creativity on the part of the player or have a number of different models that could represent them and so I'll tackle each of these below.

Mounted Sergeants - These are essentially Knights with less armor in game terms.  You could convert some Pistoliers or Outriders into Sergeants by taking their guns away and giving them lances or spears.

Charioteers - Games Workshop simply does not have a Chariot option in their strictly human armies.  There are a number of their other races that do have Chariots that with some slight effort, one could convert into Kingdoms of Men chariots.

Ballista -Again, this is a model that the Empire army does not contain.  However, I feel that you could re-purpose a Hellblaster Volley Gun in this role.

Beast of War - Again, there is no model.  You could re-purpose a Steam Tank here, but honestly that even seems a little bit far fetched even for me.  The model seems to me that it should be a large beast such as an elephant.

General, Hero, The Captain - These models can easily be represented by numerous models from the Games Workshop model line.  GW produces a number of individual character models not only on foot but on horseback and on Pegasus that you could adapt.

There you have it.  There are of course some models that may seem inappropriate.  The Empire State Troops that I listed for the Pike and Heavy Pike Blocks would have to be holding Spears which just aren't that impressive when you think about the difference between a historical Spear and Pike (usually about 10ft in length).  This could easily be converted however with some brass rod or plastic rod obtained from a model hobby shop and is precisely what I did when building my pikes.  I hope that those of you who are crossing over from Warhammer Fantasy to Kings of War find this little article useful.  There are a number of miniature manufacturers who also make varied human lists that you could find suitable models to use and I'll only list one other as I have purchased miniatures from them before and that is "" whom I can recommend as a good company to buy from.