Episode 1.5 - Kingdoms of Men

Episode 1.5 - Kingdoms of Men
Total Length: 0 Hour 35 Minutes 08 Seconds

Hello everybody and welcome to my little 1/2 episodes that I'm planning on putting out between each main show.

I'm super excited to talk about my hobby and the games I play and since my co-host Ryan and I are only really able to manage one show a month I've decided to start pushing little extra shows out on my own.  These shows will likely over time cover a variety of things but since I'm super into the whole Kings of War thing right now I'll bet aking these opportunities to talk about the armies that I'm playing.  I'll be doing unit rundowns along with tmodels I feel represent them from Games Workshop for those of you trying to make decisions on crossing over and I'll discuss my lists as well.

This first 1/2 episode I dive in and go over the Kingdoms of Men army list. 


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  1. Painful background noise continues.

    Would have liked to listen.

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  3. Thanks for the podcast - enjoyed listening.

    I am a KoM player (among other armies). You have inspired me to try some things I haven't yet - I'm thinking a Militia Mob Legion to screen a Berserker Horde. Something about two big blocks of high Nerve units like that sound fun. Will try protecting their flanks with a couple Knight or Foot Guard Regiments. I'm still struggling to see the value in Pikes or Heavy Pikes. They are just a lot of points. If you give a unit of Foot Guard the Amulet of Thorns then they seem like a much better defensive (and even offensive) unit. Higher defense trumps Ensare, and bette Me trumps Elite.

    You should definitely give the Mounted Scouts a try. I like to run them with Carbines. They have been an excellent unit for me in this way - many times I will have damaged an enemy unit but not routed them. In subsequent turns I use the Scouts to put 1-2 more points of damage on them (while keeping them out of harm's way) just to force another nerve check. This way I don't have to use another full attack from one of my bigger, more important units. They are also great at grabbing an objective in the last turn or two of a game.

    You should also definitely try a Horde of Arquebusiers with the Brew of Keen-Eyeness. The 4+ Ra really helps and I find Piercing (2) is often enough (as opposed to Piercing 3) to do 7-10 wounds per volley. And it's just so much fun firing that many rifles. ;)

    Cheers! Keep up the good work!

  4. Also, you could easily use a giant model to represent a Beast of War. Either don't give him the Ballista or just say he's throwing rocks. :D


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