Episode 1 - Kings of War Kickoff

Episode 1 - Kings of War Kickoff
Total Length: 1 Hour 06 Minutes 27 Seconds

Hello everybody and welcome to our first episode of the show!

We are super excited to be here and talking about our hobby with you, and very happy that you've chosen to give us a listen.  We really hope you enjoy the show.  In this, our first episode, we talk about a game of Kings of War that we modified off of the base scenario 'Loot' to give our game a simpler narrative just for our first show.  After the break we talk about our next game which will be Wild West Exodus, and set the narrative for it by deciding the perimeters and story arch.

Below you can see the pictures from the game we played and see where things moved about to give you a better feel for what we did during it.

Also, for those interested here is the link to the rules pack for the FlatCon tournament coming up on October 24th and the link the their website.
Rules Pack
Flat Con

You can download our show from the link below or of course you can find us on i-Tunes as well.  If you have any questions you'd like to ask please feel free to leave comments here on the blog or e-mail them to either of us at the e-mails indicated on the right of the page.  Also, check us out on Twitter @hobbyheroescast or our Facebook page The Hobby Heroes.


  1. Thanks for the game description. I'm trying to get into both KoW and WWX.

  2. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. We really like both systems a lot and are looking forward to talking more about them.

  3. Ugg. Painful background humming. Could not listen to for more than 5 min.

    1. I can acknowledge that there is a background static almost noise in there deep so only when I turned it up loud, but I don't hear a hum or a buzz. Sure it isn't the speakers your listening to it on? I asked a number of other people and they all described what I said but again, no hum or buzz.


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