SNES is Life - Last Second Post

Well, time does fly doesn't it.

My wife, my youngest son and I will all be at Boyscout Summer Camp this week which means a few things.

1. Joey will be running our SNES is Life Channel on his own for the week
2. Going to be a long week
3. I forgot to pre-plan a post for the Blog

Oops...  So as a last second post, I've decided to talk a little more about the YouTube Channel that my oldest son Joey and I are doing.  Just in case you've somehow wandered onto the Blog and have no idea what I'm talking about, my oldest son and I have been playing and reviewing every Super Nintendo Entertainment System game released in the North American Region.  That's a lot.

We put our first video up on Jan 23rd which was really just a test of the streaming equipment.  We didn't actually start putting up our legitimate content until February 10th.  Since then we've been broadcasting 3 times a week with only an occasional miss here and there due to other obligations and to date have released 65 video's total.  There are a handful of extra videos in there.  We do a recap show every 5 games we play so that if you just want reviews and not to watch us actually playing a game you can get those from a playlist set over on the channel.  There are also the occasional videos of us playing random games when we've got some downtime in our day to day routines, sometimes featuring my younger son or my wife.

So, to date we've put out roughly 80+ hours of content.  Our Saturday shows run 2 hours long as we've dedicated that extra time to full play-throughs of specific games like Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Final Fantasy II.  Thus far on our journey we've played some games that stood the test of time, and we've also played some real stinkers.  By far the best part of the journey though has been spending time with my son playing video games that he (or I sometimes for that matter) have never played or experienced before.  Its interesting getting his thoughts playing the games from my childhood and it's turned out to be a lot more fun than I think either of us expected.

So, if you've got the time have a look at the channel and maybe consider subscribing.  If your willing to watch us die, over and over and over again, then it's definitely worth a little bit of time.  I know I've spoken to a number of people who like to have it on as background noise when they're playing other games or doing other hobbies, but hey, I'm not a complainer, if people are getting even an inkling of enjoyment out of it then I'm thrilled.  Hell, even if nobody subscribed I'm spending some quality time hanging out with my son which is even better.  So, thanks for reading about our little adventure and you can find an embed below of the first video we released for the channel of us playing Super Mario World.  Thank you!