SNES is Life

I have no idea how my family can put up with me.  I’m a magpie person.  I see something shiny and I’ll drop what I have and flit over to get something new.  They say that acknowledging your problems is key to solving them, but knowing that I’m that kind of person doesn’t keep me from doing it.
Most recently I completely jumped the shark from my usual happy hobby of just painting and playing miniature games into attempting to build YouTube channels.  Sure, I’ve now dropped a handful of videos on the channel for The Hobby Heroes but as recently as a few weeks ago I started building a channel that my oldest son and I are going to be working on.  One of the things I don’t pretend to understand is that kids today spend hours upon hours watching YouTube or Twitch streams of other people playing video games.  Understanding it though doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be involved or support my kids and one of the things my sons have always wanted to do is be “YouTubers”.  Of course, to become a famous YouTuber is about as likely as learning to fly by flapping your arms, but that doesn’t mean we can’t play in the sandbox with everyone else.

Having recently purchased all the cameras and cables to begin livestreaming the occasional game for the podcast it wasn’t much further for me to buy a few more pieces and cables to begin streaming video games.  Sure, we’re entering a field flooded with other people who are playing high end games on the newest consoles and PC’s, so how will we differentiate ourselves?  Simple.  We won’t play the newest games on the newest consoles.  Last year I put together a post on building a Retro-Pi emulator that you can check out here, and this is our starting point.  See, my son likes games of many styles and has never really been drawn by the siren call of those fancy new machines or video games, in fact he spends an abundance of his game time playing Brawl-halla which is very much akin to Super Smash Bros with good but in the end lackluster comparatively graphics to modern games.  We’re going to go backwards and visit my formative childhood years by playing games specifically from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

We’re going to set ourselves a goal to play and review all 721 SNES games that were released in North America.  There are a small handful that we won’t be able to review, most notably anything involving the Super Scope which is a light diode gun that won’t function on today’s digital TV’s as they need a CRT television to function correctly but that’s our starting point.  We’ll play these games on livestream 3 times a week and in the end review what we think about them from a standpoint of graphics, gameplay, sound and music and finally whether we think it’s worth going backwards to try out if you, the viewer had never played.  Sure, it probably won’t interest a ton of people but we’re both excited about it.  As of this posting in fact, we’ve already begun our run and have powered through a small handful of games.  If you’d like to join us on the adventure, we’d be super pleased to have you!

You can find the channel at YouTube and contact us through any of our media that we’ve already got running, please come join us!  We hope to find you watching soon.