Holy Wars Weekend!

This weekend’s blog post doesn’t exist!  That’s right, it’s the weekend of Holy Wars V and Chuck and I are in northern Illinois for the tournament.  So, in lieu of an actual blog post I want to point you at my Twitter feed as I’ll be posting pictures from the event and probably bitching about my constant losses. Head on over to check that out and while you’re at it if you don’t follow these other feeds you could probably get some good coverage and things from them as well.  I'll be taking video's that'll get posted to YouTube in early March as well, so remember to subscribe to us on YouTube!  You can however check out our Podcast episode that came out today which is Chuck and myself discussing our preparation for Holy Wars and what we're going to be running in our lists and our expectations for the event.



Holy Wars
Head over there.  Interact, ask questions, get pictures.  Thanks for checking the blog post, we’ll be back to regular posts next week.