Holy Wars Prep- List Finalization

So, Holy Wars is next weekend and as I sit here I keep going over all the stuff I need.  Clearly, preparing for a two-day GT require as much thought as anything and this tournament has the special implication of the sidebar list so you really have to try to work out different interactions of your list before going that way you don’t slow down games/rounds, etc..  As predicted I’ve managed to get a whopping two games of practice in for the event.  Not that I’m going into it with any dillusion of winning prizes, but a little practice was good.  You can check the results of one of those games on the YouTube Channel here.

Other than that I’ve spent most of my prep time figuring out how to run the lists.  See with the double Bonegrinders being so damned expensive I have to move quite a few points around to make sure they can have their moments.  My primary list is this:

Tyrant – General, Great Gutgouger, Might is Right, Ghyrstrike
Butcher – Cauldron
Frostlord on Thundertusk
3x3 Ogor Warriors – 2 Hand Weapons
6 Ironguts
3 Aleguzzler Gargants
1 Command Point

This puts me in at 1970 Points so leave some with a possible (likely even) triumph roll at the beginning of the games.  My 1,000 point sideboard consists of the two Bonegrinder Giants.  Considering there are bonus points for using your sideboard throughout the tournament I plan on those guys being in a constant rotation.  hey are definitely going to see play which was the whole reason I wanted to attend Holy Wars this year; that and to hang out with old friends.  Hopefully I don't get my face pushed in.  Wish me luck!

In the end, I don’t expect to do much with any of these lists, though who knows, the BG’s can pump out a lot of damage if they roll well and the Frostlord is a consistent threat.  Also, the Tyrant missile and his ability to get lucky and slam out 18 damage in a single round really can be a shock attack for anyone not expecting it.  I’m excited.  Hopefully I don’t lose every game.  Wish me luck!