Happy New Year! and Resolutions

First, Happy New Year everybody!

In keeping with my blog post from last week going over my success and failures of my 2018 resolutions I’ll be using my blog post this week to talk about my 2019 resolutions.  Now last years were pretty vague, and I had to sort of piece actual definable resolutions out of my vague post from January but this year I’ll be making solid statements.  I’m only making 5 though.  I feel like that should be something I can finish.  Maybe…

#1 -Play 52 Games
Comments: This goal is my every year goal.  I already have some heavy plans for the summer of 2019 and none of them involve games.  In fact, 2019 is going to be a year where I’m going to tone back my hobby in favor of redirecting the money I usually put into it into my house instead.  I’m aiming for 52 and I’m not entirely sure I’ll get that with the rollback but I’ll have to wait and see.

#2 -Finish an army

Comments: Vague I know, but I have a couple potentials here.  The Space Marines only have 16 models left to finish.  My German Flames army has probably 40 or so.  The Ogres I plan on finishing for Holy Wars V and so they are a guaranteed completion project that I likely won’t finish until January so I’m not going to count them.  That means Marines or Germans get painted to completion.  Also, I won’t count anything I add to those armies between now and then.  Not that I plan on buying anything extra but hey, you never know.

#3 -Content Creation
Comments: Again, something from last year was the goal to push content out consistently.  While I plan on toning down my hobby outside of the house as far as tournaments and games go I still want to maintain the show and blog.  This means, 52 blog posts, 24 audio recordings and 12 YouTube videos at the minimum.  We’ll see if I can manage any extra but toning down the hobby means that I’ll probably be struggling a bit for some content so I’ll just be happy if I manage the consistency I want.

#4 -Wrap the D&D & Kids Campaign
Comments: One of the highlights of the last 6 months for me has been running the Mines of Phandelver campaign for my son and some of his fellow boy scouts.  Keeping in mind that this is the starter box campaign and so only runs to level 6 at most and the fact that 3 of the 5 players don’t have jobs it has made consistently getting together and playing far easier than managing a playgroup full of adults.  I must assume we’ll wrap.  In fact, if I were to guess I’d say we’ll probably be finished up by the end of February.  The next two blog posts will be covering my miniature game tracking stats for 2018.  I don't talk about the RPG ones though and as of 2018 I had played 26 hours and 25 minutes of D&D; 19 hours and 25 minutes of which was focused solely on the D&D&K campaign.

#5 -5% Unpainted
Comments: Ooh, here’s a good one that sort of coincides with #2’s finish an army.  This year I found myself actually breaking the 10% of my hobby collection unpainted mark.  That’s a huge deal.  Maybe with the toning down of my gaming outside of the house I can keep myself from buying much more stuff and I can get the collection down to only 5% unpainted.  Seems like a lofty goal but in earnest that means I only have to paint 52 of the current models I own that are unpainted.  Hell, if I finish the German army alone that’ll damn near be completed.  I can do this, go me!

So those are my resolutions.  What are yours?