The Miniature Games Table Topper – A How to Pt. 2 – The Whole Hog

This week, we’re moving onto the nicer table topper of the two that I’m putting together for the Blog, so…  Let’s get started shall we.

·         1 8’x4’ ½” Plywood Sheet
·         5 1”x4”x8’ Wood Planks
·         1 1”x2”x8’ Wood Planks
·         1 8’x4’ Sheet of 2” Housing Insulation Foam
·         22 1” Wood Screws
·         6 3” Wood Screws
·         Chalk Line
·         1 Thumb tack, finishing nail, anything really that will stick into wood but not leave a big hole afterward

Cut the 1”x2” plank into 2 4’ planks.

Cut 2 of the 1’x4’ planks into 4’x2” planks and another plank into a 4’ plank.

Assemble your frame as below.

Drop your plywood sheet into the frame and attach it to the side rails and the crossbars.

Place your final 1”x4” piece that is 4’ long into the cavity and attach it at the sides to the frame.
Cut your 2” foam into a 6’x4’ piece and a 1’11”x4’ piece.

Place foam in the table cavities and using the 3” screws attach them to the table.  Be careful you don’t drive the screw too far through the foam.

You can now paint the frame or the foam however you’d like.  I have a table flocked with crushed walnut shell to keep it light, but you could also place a mat or felt into the cavity on top of the foam as well.  Hell, for that matter you could leave the foam out of this table and just paint it leaving a massive lip to ensure that nothing gets knocked off the table ever.  One other though here is that your 3” screws through the foam are likely poking through the bottom of the table.  Considering this is a topper and I assume you’ll be picking it up and moving it around, you may want to find a way to grind the screw tips off, either with an angle grinder or maybe a Dremel as many of us have that lying around. Have fun building!

I did not take a picture from underneath as I did the other topper.  This one is significantly heavier and I really can't manage it easily by myself.