Paint All The Things!

Paint All the Things

I'm not sure how long ago it was, maybe two years ago that fellow hobbyist Joe Rogers from Pointhammered started this little challenge thing about painting everything you own.  A lot of other hobbyists on Twitter and Facebook took it up as well as me.  Basically we totaled up every model we own and then found out the percentage we had unpainted.  Everyone then set out to cut that down as drastically as they could by either culling their collections and selling models off or by actually doing what we're supposed to do and painting them.  it was a fun little diversion from the everyday work on a consistent project and set me off on assembling and painting a lot of terrain at the time as well as a hand full of random models that had been lying around for quite some time.  I got my collection to as low as 11% unpainted which was pretty good I thought.

Fast forward to now and it’s probably been at least a year since I really thought about that challenge.  My number has inflated although not dramatically up to 16% at current.  Luckily for insurance purposes I've always kept a pretty consistent tally of what comes and goes in my hobby.  Let’s face it, if my house burnt down I could use the money from my losses to buy myself a new car; honestly.  As current I have 1153 models in my possession.  There are likely a few unaccounted for but that’s a pretty accurate number.  I did start buying flames of war which accounts less for that ballooning than the fact that I sold off my Skaven Army.  When I had another 300 models the percentage was just less unpainted; again looking at that tally though I currently have listed 189 unpainted models.  A very small chunk of that are unpainted fantasy models.  About 30, while the Space Marine army I won at raffle last year is about 50.  The rest are Flames of War.

So I’m going to set myself a goal right now.  Get my US army to 0 and try to finish off those fantasy models that are lying about.  Truth told my US force is almost done as it is.  Of the 17 models left unpainted I currently have 13 of them on the paint table being worked on.  That leaves me only 4 that have yet to be started.  Then I've got some Brock Riders for my Dwarf army and a handful of Human models for my Kingdoms of Men.  I'd been ticking away at the 30 minute hobby a day challenge which was hash tagged #HobbyStreak and then the number of days.  Pre-Adepticon I got up to day 54 but without the drive of a tournament coming plus the weather changing and Boy Scout events starting to occur more often I know better than to think I'll be getting to things on a daily basis.

Still I'm going to try and finish those projects by the end of the year.  Feel free to join me in my endeavor!  Not going to get anywhere near 100% painted this year, but going to work towards it!