Gaming: What I've Been Doing

Wow, look at that would ya.  Hardly a month in and I've already missed one of my 'weekly' posts I talked about in my new years resolutions for the blog and podcast.

I don't have any special things to say either for this, nor do I really have pictures but I have to talk about something so I'll talk about the few games I've played in February.

Blood Bowl:
Our league finally started a much late season 3 and I'm starting with a fresh Orc team.  We lost enough players that it didn't really justify having two divisions so all 12 players are in a single one which means I'm playing against 2 season teams.  You can imagine how this was going to go when the first team I went up against was Dwarfs.  I had 590k for inducements and even with all the bonuses I took I lost both a Blitzer and Black Orc permanently.  I still managed a draw.

Second game was against some Norse who were also a fresh team.  I again managed a draw here but no serious harm.  In fact I earned 90k in cash from the game because he rolled snakes on fans and I had +2 fame.  It was pretty great and let me buy back another Blitzer for my 3rd game.

Speaking of...  Game 3 was against an Underworld team who already had a season under its belt.  So all three big guys had Block, along with like 5 others on the team, 3 of which also had Dodge.  It was  a rough game, but I came out unscathed although he did as well and I even managed another draw.  So three games in and three draws really doesn't seem like the worst start to me.  Also, it should be said that when I started the team I told everyone that I'd be throwing Goblin touchdowns like crazy and I have managed one Goblin touchdown in all three games so fun times are had.

Kings of War:
Ryan and I had a practice game for our Team TOurnament list that we're planning on taking to Adepticon.  I took our list out which was a Dwarf/Kingdoms of Men build.  Ryan fielded an Ogre/Dwarf list agianst me.  I lost.  LOL!  Ogres and all that damned Crushing is just hard to get past and KoM seem soooo squishy.  I had a couple good tries at tricky things like throwing a flying Ranger Captian into the Red Goblin Blaster while it was still among his own troops but failed to blow it up by 2.  Could've caught quite a bit in the radius too.  In the end, this means back to the drawing board.

Warhammer 40K:
Played my friend Dave's Demons.  He's running horde which is apparently very powerful in the current game.  Big pack of 30 Tzeench, 30 Nurgles and then scattering of Heralds and other random bits.  My Ultramarines do not have the tools to deal with it.  Partly because I deployed terribly, but also because I just don't own the models I'd need to kill that much stuff fast enough.  Also, the objective was Supply Cache and of course it ended up being in his area which means I'd have to try and wade through a whole unit to get to it.  Also, Nurgle and 3 freaking saves.  Nonsense.

Flames of War:
Played my Adepticon list against my friend Jim's British for a change of pace.  He had a Crusader formation with some Grants in support.  Hurricanes and Infantry comprised the rest.  We found that Infantry is damned tough and we ended up clashing quite heavily in a little town where we just kept defensive firing off eachothers stuff pinning before combat could happen.  I got a lucky throw and took down one of his Hurricanes with 50 cal's.  I drove a ARP around the town towards an objective.  To stop them he had to turn his Crusaders around and go back which left his rear facing my deployment zone and on my turn a group of Lee's came on and put shots right up his backside killing them all leaving my ARP to claim.

We played a second game with him going back to his Germans.  Hasty Attack and he had Stuka's and some Ambushers so we though this would be good and it was.  ARP's and his Panzers were fighting amongst a town in the center table.  On my turn the Lee's came on and went charging up the far flank towards an objective that I knew would end up being Ambushed but I had to go for it because it was too undefended.  Then the Stuka's arrived.  It was bad.  My tanks were grouped very close together to get between the board edge and a rocky outcropping and the bombs killed 3 of the 5.  Then his Ambush was Pak 38's and that killed another and bailed the final.  On my turn the last guy remounted and decided this battle wasn't for him and drove away.  I had my second ARP coming that direction as well though and sent them in to fight the Pak 38's.  After killing them I consolidated onto the objective.  Jim's only chance to stop me was with more reserves coming on which they didn't giving me the win.

So that's it, those are my most recent games.  It dawns on me that I've been getting a lot of games in very quickly this year.  It could bode quite well for me to reach the same high mark of games played as last year.  One can only hope.