Blog Post: Stand Fast and Resolute!

Stand Fast and Resolute!

Resolutions.  God damn, why do so many people including myself insist on making resolutions when they are so easy to drop on or fail completing.  Every year I resolve to get into a better shape.  Not necessarily fit, or have what, but just healthier and every year I tend to pretty much remain the same as I am now.  I feel like I’ve more often than not succeeded in most of my hobby resolutions as I tend to keep them as simple as I can and that’s what I’m here to do now.  New Year’s Hobby Resolutions, what fun...? I think.

Seeing how many extra projects I picked up near the end of last year let’s start with finishing up some of that.  I picked up a Space Marine army for WH40K and I also picked up a ton of extra stuff for my Flames of War collection that I’d started.  I thought there was more honestly, but thinking about it I realized that I sold my Saga off about a month after getting and assembling it in my excitement of trying like 5 different game systems out at once.  If I break my Flames stuff down into single stands of models and single vehicles I’ve probably got around 160 individual pieces to paint.  With the Space Marines I have another 66 models which brings me to just above 220 models that need to be painted on my table.  Woof… honestly, I also have a few things left from Kings of War/Fantasy that need done but I feel that those have honestly been sitting so long that they can continue to languish.

The goal then is to complete them.  Actually, I can acknowledge my failings and I’ll simply resolve to finish 2 of the armies.  Considering my current excitement on Flames of War and the fact that I’m planning on participating in Adepticon I’m going to aim to complete the US army for that.  Also, in the hopes of repeating my goal of completing my 52 games a year I’m going to try to start going to local tournaments again and the only system around here that actually has consistent tournaments is 40K so I’ll also aim to finish that army up.  That’s painting around 140 models.  A model for every two days should be something I can accomplish with relative certainty.

So, I hope you all have made your resolutions and kept them viable to your own limits.  I'm really quite excited for all the effort I plan on putting into the show this year, in fact I'm planning on starting to put together our first Youtube battle report this Saturday and hopefully it doesn't suck too bad and you all give that a good viewing.  That's all I've got for this weeks blog post, thanks for reading and come back soon!