Blog Post: The Man with No Game

Hello everybody,

First, I’d like to apologize to anyone who was subscribed to the podcast or followed the blog or Facebook page for the extended period of absence.  We took some time off because we felt that we couldn’t put together interesting content based on where we were at in our hobby at the time and then with subsequent releases of some games new rule sets and our indecisiveness on how to move forward we basically never let the show languish.  There were plenty of times we've discussed it but never quite got going again.

Well, I’m here to let you know that we're going to get things moving again starting with today’s blog post to let you know just that.  Between our last show release back in May of 2017 and now, a lot has occurred.  Weddings, kids, passing of friends and loved ones, you name it and someone in our group has encountered it.  From that arose a real gap in what we were playing and what we even wanted to play.  Coming out of it here on the back end of 2017 I am currently playing games for or gearing up to play in 7 different systems.  The real kick here is that when you’re playing that many games it’s almost impossible to get good or achieve any real tactical acumen.  Compounded is the fact that my primary gaming partners don't play or want to play all of these games either.  Co-host of the show Ryan’s main interest is still kings of war, Wild West exodus and Frostgrave.  Our other good friend whom we get most of our gaming in with is pretty down to Frostgrave, Warhammer 40k and Wild West Exodus although he has yet to get a game of 2nd edition in.

I’m not terribly enthused with where WWX has landed for its 2nd edition, in fact I sold my 2nd faction (Dark Nation) and am now down to my Outlaws.  I’ve currently found the second edition not to my taste, but we've also only played three games of it so far and I still want to get more games in before making my final decision; but currently the I'm unimpressed.  When we stopped doing the show I was mostly playing WWX, KoW and Blood Bowl.  Since then we've picked up Frostgrave.  I was then and still am occasionally playing random games of Age of Sigmar with friends from north of me.  I picked up 40k again back in October when one of the local gamers passed away and his family, who not knowing what to do with his game stuff had our FLGS hold a charity raffle for it and I ended up with a roughly 2,000 point Space Marine army.

My plan for getting The Hobby Heroes moving again is as such: write a blog post every week, and audio get a minimum of one show out a month.  I also want to try and push one video out every month.  The audio shows will be going through the largest chance in that we're going to cut out news and hobby talk and just concentrate on the topic at hand which should result in less editing for me and shorter shows just concentrating on whatever game we played for it.  However, I’ll be trying to do another audio show every month now, and that show is going to be mostly me warbling on about my hobby.  What I’ve done, what I’ve played, thoughts, etc...  I'll drag other people onto it as well when I can, but for now the plan is me and just me until I get my footing.  This month’s blog posts will be covering Flames of War, Age of Sigmar and probably Warhammer 40k just on the premise that those are the games I’ve played most recently.  The first show which we'll be releasing will be Ryan and I discussing our thoughts on the current WWX system and the 2nd show very likely will be me going on about Flames of War.  My goal for the first video will be to do a Flames of War Battle Report.  If you've not played FoW and you’re interested in it, then it'll be a great entry point because we'll be learning the 4th edition as completely fresh players, so yeah, check that out.

So, if you've stuck with us perhaps you’re willing to continue doing so and I certainly hope that you do because I’m planning to really push myself back into the hobby for 2018. This is the primary part of the blog post that I want you the reader/listeners to pay attention to.  Just giving you the knowledge that I’m going to be running us back up.

As always, thanks for reading and if you have any comments don't forget to reach out to us on our social media or via e-mail.