Episode 18 - KoW: Tag, you're it!

Episode 18- KoW: Tag, you're it!
Total Length: 0 Hour 59 Minutes 33 Seconds

A note before you get into the show, I do believe the diaphragm on my microphone broke so there are some really annoying pop noises coming from my end on this recording.  I do apologize for that, but stick through for the show and I'll be getting a new mic in before our next recording.  Sorry.

Hey everyone and welcome back to The Hobby Heroes!  February is valentines day and as such we play some footsie in Kings of War!  After the success of this years International Campaign Day hosted by the guys from Lake SWATT and Beerphase there were some choice scenario's to play.  This episode we go back through and play probably the most controversial and most interesting scenario of the pack; Tag!

If you're interested in any of the scenarios from the International Campaign Day just head over to Facebook and search Kings of War International Campaign Day.  I don't know that they're in the files section, but you'll certainly be able to get hold of someone who can send them to you and we highly recommend the Tag scenario for a fun and very different game.

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