The Hobby Heroes Extra - Episode 6: AoS - Age of, wait, what?!

The Hobby Heroes Extra - Episode 6: AoS - Age of, wait, what?!
Total Length: 1 Hour 13 Minutes 29 Seconds

Uh oh...  Age of Sigmar has crept in on the show.  Fear not intrepid KoW & WWX players, for this is an extra show and will not be a consistent theme.  I will likely do 2 or perhaps 3 more extras on the subject as I dip my toe into the waters so that I can spend time with my old friends.  In this particular episode I go through the Dwarf Warscrolls and give my opinions on all the units as I start looking forward to what kind of Dwarf/Dispossessed list I'd like to build to take to the tournament for The Holy Wars GT.  I probably get a ton of stuff wrong as far as rules interactions, etc, but hey at least I'm trying.

As always, thanks for listening and feel free to hit me up with any questions/comments.

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