Episode 17 - WWX: Welcome Back to the West

Episode 17- WWX: Welcome Back to the West
Total Length: 1 Hour 11 Minutes 04 Seconds

Hey everyone and thanks for joining us in the new year for Episode 17 of The Hobby Heroes Podcast!  2017 sees a slight tweak in that we're making more thorough show notes.  This may make us sound like we're on automatic a bit more, but I'm hoping it will help me a lot when it comes to editing the shows so hopefully it doesn't sound too bad.  We go over some news for Kings of War, Wild West Exodus and Blood Bowl!  Man I love Blood Bowl.

We start a new segment of the show; The Tournament!  Think like The Quick and The Dead movie from the 90's.  We'll be pitting bosses against each other in a tournament over the course of the year to see who comes out on top in the big showdown.  Finally we cover our main segment which is delving into the Wild West Exodus narrative scenarios from the main rule book.  This episode, we cover scenario #2, Bushwhacked!  Outlaws VS. Enlightened  How exciting!

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