2016 Game Wrap-up

Checking the way-back machine I started tracing my games played, back in 2009.  My goal of this was twofold.  1. I wanted to try my best to play 52 miniature games a year.  That’s one game a week basically.  I felt like if I could accomplish this it would justify the exorbitant cost of this silly hobby we all share.  2. I wanted to make sure I was sticking to my skill goal of winning more games than I lose.  I don't mind losing, but I want to try and keep myself above that threshold.

Sadly, most years I don't make the cut on the 52 games.  It turns out that once you’re married, have kids, have a career, volunteer with the Boy Scouts, attend Church, etc... That time for gaming actually gets pretty hard to come by.  I know there are plenty of people who don't have issues scheduling times with people but perhaps it’s because they are in a more populated area.  The fact is that where I'm from (Springfield, Illinois) the gaming options have always been somewhat slim.  In the last couple years we've really gotten a good board gaming community together but Miniatures (particularly Fantasy based) have had a rough go of catching on.

With all that said I'm here to go over the 2016 year in games for myself.

Between January 1 and December 31st I managed to play a grand total of sixty-three total miniature games across various systems.  That's fantastic because I've only hit that goal three of the seven years I've been tracking.  Not only did I actually beat the 52 goal but I surpassed it by 11 which is great!  One of the other things I keep track of other than win/loss/draw is who I played, what game system and the points level at which I played.  So, here is my breakdown for 2016.

Kings of War
35 Games - 15 Win / 17 Loss / 3 Draw

Wild West Exodus
13 Games - 7 Win / 5 Loss / 1 Draw

Blood Bowl
8 games - 6 Win / 0 Loss / 2 Draw

Age of Sigmar
7 Games - 5 Win / 2 Loss / 0 Draw

You can tell what my primary game is, but sadly my secondary game may be difficult to figure out from this.  Tells me that I need to play more Wild West Exodus this year and I plan on doing just that.  Of course I'm also in two separate Blood Bowl Leagues now which means I'm going to rack up a lot of those in 2017, but an even larger shift is going to come from me deciding to bail out of the big tournaments for Kings of War.  I'm just not a fan of the current player meta at large scale tournaments.  My estimate is that I'll lose about 15 games from this decision.  I'm also not attending Adepticon in 2017 which will drop about 5/6 games of Wild West Exodus too.  Not good for the 2017 playing pool.  I'll just have to make it up with Blood Bowl.

For those who follow me and are wondering how AoS worked its way into this mix, I just started playing in November and racked up 9 games already.  I'm going to be attending Holy Wars this year which will give me a start of five games in that category.  I'm not going to make AoS my main game.  My local and best friends don’t' play, but I have made a lot of friends over the years who do play and now that the game has some more structure I'll be traveling to visit those friends and play with them too.  I'm looking awfully forward to 2017 and the gaming it holds for me.