Episode 13 - KoW: Self Made Narrative Part 2

Episode 13- KoW: Self Made Narrative Part 2
Total Length: 1 Hour 32 Minutes 34 Seconds

Hi everyone and thanks for joining us for Episode 13!  We've officially been around for 1 year.  Always a landmark for a podcast to manage to put out their full year worth of content and not just quit.  This episode we get to go over an actual good chunk of news.  Mantic is dropping a bunch of new models which you can see pictured below and Wild West Exodus also has a new set of models coming out that coincide with the remake of The Magnificent Seven.  The artwork looks cool and I'm really excited to see the models and rules when they get released.

We are joined by Mantic Pathfinder, Todd Warren to discuss the Dragon-Fall convention and the 2 day tournament that Todd will be running there for Kings of War.  We talk over the rules pack and what hes doing to make the event different and special and we're certainly looking forward to it.  Finally we get to our main topic which is Ryan and I going through our 2nd game of our 2 player narrative campaign between his Dwarfs and my Ratkin.  Hope you enjoy!

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