Episode 7 - Destiny of Kings: Deep Defense

Episode 7 - Destiny of Kings: Deep Defense
Total Length: 0 Hour 58 Minutes 59 Seconds

Good day all!

Welcome back for Episode #7 of The Hobby Heroes!  In this Episode we discuss a lot of Kings of War.  We break open with some news discussing new models and release from Mantic Games as well as a new Kings of War focused blog: http://www.kingsofwarresource.com.  After that we break into our usual discussion of what we've been doing.  Along with the usual painting and modeling we had another local game day where we managed to gather 8 players and so we just quickly cover those games.  You can see the pictures of the soon to be released new models further down the blog post.

In the later half of the show we get to go over a game we played out of the Destiny of Kings campaign book recently released from Mantic.  Other than the 7 scenario's in the narrative campaign there are 6 additional scenario's in the rear of the book to provide new interesting games to play.  We played the final scenario in the book; Deep Defense.  Finally before we part ways for the show we discuss a little of our plans at Adepticon which will certainly dominate our April episode.  As always we hope you enjoy the show and thanks to all for listening!

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