Episode 6 - Treachery Abound

Episode 6 - Treachery Abound
Total Length: 0 Hour 57Minutes 06 Seconds

Hello everybody!

Welcome back for Episode #6 of The Hobby Heroes!  This show Ryan and I discuss a little bit of news in the ways of Wild West Exodus, Mantic Plastics and The Walking Dead Kickstarter they are running.  We discuss some games we've played, a community day we had trying to get people into the game as well as what we've personally been doing.

For our main segment Ryan, Dave and I got together and played a game of Warhammer Triumph &Treachery attempting to slide it into Kings of War.  We thought that it would work better than it did, but if your interested in our outcome give it a listen!

Again, thanks to all for listening!

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