Episode 2 - Billy's Bones

Episode 2 - Billy's Bones
Total Length: 1 Hour 14 Minutes 54 Seconds

Good day everyone!

Welcome back to The Hobby Heroes Podcast! and thank you very much for joining us for our 2nd Episode!

This time we get to discuss our pre-planned game of Wild West Exodus in which Billy tries to rob the bank which is under the watchful eye of Pat Garrett.  Just in case you can't tell by the title of the show, this scenario did not turn out well for the Outlaws.  We also of course get to discuss some of what we've been doing in the hobby and I go over the Kings of War single day event that I ran for the Dragon-Fall convention in Naperville, IL. on Oct. 4th.  It wasn't big, but its a start and it takes everyone doing their part to grow a community.  So, sit back and relax and let us regale you with the tales of our hobby.


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