Welcome to the Hobby Heroes blog.  This blog is being created for a soon to come podcast where my friend Ryan and I discuss our miniature wargaming hobby.  In particular the narrative side of the games we play by delving into creative and interesting stories upon which to base our games.

The primary games played will be Kings of War by Mantic Games and Wild West Exodus by Outlaw Miniatures.  While these will be primary we will very likely discuss other game systems along the way and while most of our content will be directed at some kind of narrative play we will also discuss tournaments and conventions that we attend along the way.

Hopefully those of you who choose to listen to the podcast when we begin production will find the information provided of good quality and entertaining.  Hopefully you'll even convince your friends to use our ideas or we'll spark your imagination to come up with your own.  Remember, when it comes down to it we're all gamers playing games, so remember to go have fun!