Holy Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

Certainly we've all had that moment of feast or famine.  Usually it revolves around really wanting to do something, one particular thing, but never managing it and then one day, so much of it falls into our laps that we can't manage it all.  D&D.  I should count myself lucky.

After having DM'd my sons campaign for him and company for 6 months I really wanted to get into a campaign myself.  Naturally, I've wanted to get into a campaign for years, but never manage to get around to finding a group that's cohesive enough to do it with.  That's my famine.  However, the time has come for my feast.  Those years of waiting, of putting it off, of hoping against hope have finally come to fruition.  I now find myself involved in two different campaigns.

First my high school friend Matt has started one up on the computer using Fantasy Grounds, reuniting old friends from high school for some lovely D&D.  He's running a home brew world in which a lot of things are weird.  Technology exists in a number of ways, think colonial Europe I guess.  Guns are there, but your still just as likely to see a medieval knight.  Not that this kind of idea is original, its really just him bringing in a lot of random things from past D&D editions and books together, but its still awesome.  For his campaign I'm running a Dwarf Trollslayer from the Warhammer universe.

Not my artwork, but that's the image I'm using for the character.  Iconic really.  We've even managed to go whole hog into the Gotrek line of how his character is built.  Using the Dwarf Axe artifact from I think the DM's guide we'll be par sign out its bonkers powers over the first 10 levels (assuming I live that long) because as a Slayer I eschew material wealth really and wont be wearing any kind of magic armor or using weapons other than my own axes.  A fun idea.  The group also consists of Human Gunslinger, a mantid Cleric and a sorcerer who I can't currently remember the race of.  The point is I'm quite excited and I'll use the blog to occasionally talk about it.

The second game is taking my Tuesday night group.  My closest friends and I have been getting together on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month for probably 6 or 7 years now.  We all have kids and we're all married so it was the only way to truly guarantee ourselves time together to play games.  We'll be turning our 3rd Tuesday into a D&D night to give that a whirl for a while and using our other Tuesday for our usual gaming nights.

Again, I believe our friend Dave is home brewing his campaign, but it will be heavily influenced by Ravenloft.  My current plan for this character is to run him as a Barbarian, but quickly mutli-class him into Druid.  He'll be mentally deficient (even though he has an intelligence of 10) and he's going to want to play pirate, even though he's no good at it.  The character concept completely based off of Sloth from The Goonies.

So he's going to run around sans armor, swinging a wooden pirate sword, which as soon as I hit level 2 I'll multi-class into Druid and start using Shileleigh on to make the sword actually powerful enough to hurt people.  I supposed, of course I have to live to that point, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.  My friends aren't 100% on board with this character concept so I'll probably have to work hard to keep them from killing me.  I'm a pretty powerful character having rolled some high stat's and with the Barbarian class I've got a really solid AC.  I'm super looking forward to playing this character as we start our campaign later this month.

I'll definitely be talking about these games more on the Blog in the future, so if you care to keep up with my D&D goodness then check it out as we go.  Thanks for reading.