Fighting Fantasy - Starship Traveler Part 2

We next discovered a small grey moon.  We sent a shuttle to investigate the surface because we detected a distress call, though no life signs.  The crew found a small crashed shuttle and investigated but found nobody.  Only the ship casting its distress call.  They returned to the ship and found that many them soon died due to poisoning.  We sealed the affected areas of the ship while we attempted to develop a cure to the poison.  The Medical officer being either brave or foolish decided to test his antidote on himself and entered the quarantine. He soon perished form the poison.  After that we vacated the air from that area of the ship and let the ship slowly buildup fresh air there before continuing.  Sadly, the medical officer had passed but the danger was now over.  We moved on.

The next planet I encountered was Dar Vil.  A warlike planet people (who seemed to me to be described as Klingons).  They invited us to visit, but when we beamed down something happened.  My body was joined with that of one of their generals.  We returned to the ship and after exhausting the options that my science, engineering and ships computer could come up with deferred to a plan thought up by the Dar Vil engineers.  Using two teleporters we pulled our bodies matter apart from each other separating again into two individuals.  After such a harrowing incident, we decided to leave orbit of this planet and head onward.

We found a large grey planet and hailed the surface.  We were replied to by an alien who indicated it was a mining planet that mined an extremely valuable ore in this area of the galaxy.  They seemed friendly enough and invited us to come down.  Particularly to visit the annual ‘games’ that were being celebrated ta the moment.  To me this sounded like an invitation to gladiatorial combat (which wouldn’t surprise me given the cover of the book).  We passed on.  From here we could explore another planet or head towards what was described as floating wheel in space.  This sounded promising.  Any race intelligent enough to build a space station could probably help me out so we headed for it.  Sadly, when we arrived we found only that they could repair the ship if it was needed and it was not so we moved on.

We’d been wandering for months at this point and the crew was becoming despondent.  There had been two suicides and many crew members reporting to sick bay with anxiety issues.  My senior officers and I did our bets to allay the crew’s issues but found the struggle difficult.  Finally, we detected a black hole only a few light years away and made straight for it.  In a last-ditch effort, we entered the black hole, but sadly never returned.  The adventure has ended in the deaths of my crew and destruction of my ship.

Well, shit…  I guess I wouldn’t be able to fly the Enterprise after all, or my preferred ship, the Defiant.